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Vancon 2014 Bits part 2


- The Adam, Dan, Chad panel was surprisingly hilarious. Dan Payne is really funny and all three of them played off with each other really well. His sense of humour is a lot like if you mash Jared and Misha together. He’s one of my favourites so far.

- Adam said he’s the most Jewish guest star.


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Mark Watches 'Supernatural': S05E22 - Swan Song

Sam has spent these five seasons wondering what his place was in the world and whether or not he could ever do anything good. Was he destined to be unable to escape what he’d done with Ruby? Would he be forever marked by that act? I think you could see his choice to plunge into the Cage as an act of penance. Not that the world needed that from him! Dean certainly didn’t. But in order to complete this journey he had been cast into, Sam needed to know that he could do one irrevocably good thing for the universe. And this was it. […]

I think Dean returns to Lisa more out of respect for Sam than anything else. He wants to honor the deal he made with his brother because it’s the only thing left to do for Sam. It’s not a happy ending by any means, and if anything, it’s one of the loneliest things I’ve ever seen on this goddamn show. But what choice does Dean have left? He can honor Sam’s request and get out of the hunting life, or he can keep going. Alone. And I don’t think Dean really wants to be alone anymore.

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